Why universities in Asia?

Arohana prioritizes Asian universities for the following reasons:

  1. Course content tends to be more relevant to the Myanmar context.
  2. Students can build networks with fellow students in the Asian region which they can draw on in the future.
  3. Course fees and the cost of living tend to be considerably less expensive than at ‘Western’ universities meaning that Arohana can support many more individuals to study with available funds.
  4. Arohana has access to fee waivers negotiated with Asian university partners by Thabyay. These savings offer even better value for money.
  5. Arohana can monitor and evaluate the quality of university programs in Asia more effectively.
  6. Arohana can respond more effectively to student needs when they are based in the regions, and visit them on occasion to check that they are doing well.
  7. Students are less disconnected from their home country during their studies and therefore more likely to return to Myanmar on graduation.
  8. Arohana can link students into Thabyay’s network of Myanmar scholars in Asia, and have them attend the annual Student’s Conference.