Why support scholarships?

Myanmar has been mired in protracted social, political and economic crises for two generations. Livelihoods, civil society and the welfare state have been decimated, leaving an estimated 50% of the population living in extreme poverty. Myanmar is desperately in need of skilled individuals able to lead reconciliation, and implement effective measures to promote a more just, equitable, prosperous and democratic society.

One individual in Myanmar equipped with the right skills can have a profound and long-lasting impact in their community. Graduates from scholarship programs administered by Thabyay have gone on to become key figures in the development of their communities, starting schools, health programs, youth centers, and leading a host of initiatives to improve the lives and opportunities of their fellow community members and wider society.

Such initiatives are developed directly in response to the community’s needs, on the community’s own terms, and led by the community themselves. It is development from the bottom up, rather than the top down.

Returning graduates transfer their skills to the community, and inspire others to make a difference. Consequently, their impact can endure and expand well beyond their personal involvement.

Therefore, through supporting a single individual, you can improve the lives of countless others. As the saying goes, a single flame can light a thousand candles.