Sponsor a Scholar

Sponsor a ScholarSponsor a ScholarDonors who give US$7,500 or more as a lump sum will be offered the chance to join Arohana’s ‘Sponsor a Scholar’ program.

Under this program, sponsors can:

  1. Name the scholarship (with the agreement of Arohana).
  2. Define the parameters of the course of study supported by the scholarship.*
  3. Participate in the candidate selection process.
  4. Receive a dedicated annual report on the scholar’s progress.
  5. Have direct contact with the supported scholar.

* Arohana will strive to identify suitable candidates from the Thabyay waiting list. If suitable candidates are not available, Arohana will provide a shortlist of candidate in related fields for the sponsor to select.

If you are interested to find out more about the ‘Sponsor a Scholar’ program, please contact us here.