Name: Nay Lin
Age: 19
Ethnicity: Myanmar
Area of Study: Applied Sociology
Level of Study: BA
Country of Study: Hong Kong
Amount Requested (1 year): US$6,000

Brief overview of candidate

Nay Lin was born in a small town in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta of Myanmar. When he was five, his family moved to Yangon. Having graduated from high school he began studying dentistry. When Cyclone Nargis struck the Ayeyarwaddy Delta and parts of Yangon in 2008, Nay Lin joined a student team who participated in relief work in cyclone-affected villages. This experience was an epiphany in his life, opening his eyes to the need for, and potential of, social development work in Myanmar.

In 2009, he successfully applied for a small grant from an international development fund to form an education center in Yangon, providing training to training in civic education and social problem solving to young people from Nargis-affected areas.

Nay Lin wishes to study Applied Sociology so that he can use this education to improve his ability to provide civic and social development education to young people in Myanmar.

In his own words

‘With elections due in Myanmar in 2010, the country is undergoing a political transition. It is a crucial opportunity to build for the future. Civic education will play an important role in this process. Human resource development is a foundation to make changes for our country and social development is essential to build trust and national reconciliation among diversified people. I could use my education to support the intellectual development of youth in Myanmar and their understanding of their responsibilities as good citizens. I would like to help foster a respect for diversity, a passion for justice, equality and human dignity, and an abiding commitment to the common good among my fellow citizens.’