Name: Myint Su
Age: 28
Ethnicity: Kachin/Myanmar
Area of Study: Public Administration
Level of Study: MA
Country of Study: Malaysia
Amount Requested (1 year): US$6,500

Brief overview of candidate

Myint Su was raised in a small village in Kachin State, Myanmar. She excelled at school and read avidly in her own time to broaden her knowledge. Her parents were unable to support her through high school so she worked as a freelance study guide in the evenings while attending class during the day.

Having earned two distinctions in her high school exams, Myint Su came to Yangon and enrolled in two degree courses concurrently, studying for Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Computer Science. She attended one course during the day, and the other in the evening.

Throughout her time at school and university, Myint Su participated in and organized extra-curricular activities. At university she participated in student organizations and wrote articles for university journals and newsletters. She also participated in outreach trips to rural villages and orphanages.

In 2008, in order to support her family, she went to work in Singapore. She was struck by the effective governance and advanced infrastructure of a country so geographically close to her own. She realized how the principles and practice of good governance could transform her own country.

In her own words

‘I would like to study how to balance interests in a country, to solve political conflict, overcome barriers to change and improvement, and effectively manage the public sector, particularly through comparing approaches in different countries around the world. This course of study will help me to upgrade and broaden my analytical ability and perspectives so that I can contribute to the development of Myanmar.’