Name: Tun Oo
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Pa-O
Area of Study: Teaching English as a Second Language
Level of Study: MA
Country of Study: Thailand
Amount Requested (1 year): US$7,000

Brief overview of candidate

Tun Oo was born in a large town in Shan State, Myanmar. While neither of his parents had had the opportunity to graduate from high school, they were acutely aware of the value of education and pushed their children to be academically ambitious. When he reached middle school level, his parents could no longer afford the school fees.

To ensure that he could continue his education, they sent him to a monastery in another region of Myanmar where he could live for free and continue his education. Despite having little time to study due to monastery duties, Tun Oo managed to graduate high school with one distinction.

So, his parents’ persistence paid off, and Tun Oo attended university in Myanmar, graduating in 2008 with a Bachelors degree in Economics. Throughout university, Tun Oo supported himself by working as a home tutor for high school students. He also volunteered as an English language teacher at a local NGO working to help young people improve their skills, and he continues to work there today.

In his own words

‘I would like to obtain a Master’s degree in English teaching with the eventual goal of starting my own language institute in my region. This region is economically and academically disadvantaged, so as a teacher I can make a difference by helping young people. I can counsel them, inspire them, give them the skills and confidence to achieve their ambitions and improve their community. I also want to give them a sense of hope that, with perseverance, they can become great role models for other young people.’