Monitoring and evaluation of scholarships

Arohana regularly monitors students’ progress to make sure that they have settled in well at university and are getting the most out of their studies. As well as providing them with orientation on their arrival at university, Arohana visits the students at least once per year and remains in regular contact by email and phone. Furthermore, students are required to submit an annual report to Arohana summarizing their activities and achievements during the academic year.

Students are required as part of their scholarship contract to reach minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) and attendance levels established by their university. Students who do not reach these minimum requirements do not receive further awards from Arohana unless there are extenuating circumstances that explain the situation. Students who meet these requirements but are clearly not performing satisfactorily are interviewed by Arohana to assess the reasons for their under-performance, and to agree steps to remedy the situation. Such candidates are carefully reviewed if they apply for repeat funding to continue their studies.

Arohana surveys students on an annual basis to canvass their opinions on their university experience. If Arohana receives well-founded and consistently negative feedback about a particular course of study, staff will contact the university to advocate for improvements and, if these are not forthcoming within a reasonable timeframe, will cease to recommend or support applications for that course of study. Similarly, courses that receive consistently good feedback from students will be prioritized in Arohana’s recommendations to students.

Arohana scholars are also registered on Myanmar Scholars Online (, an academic networking and student tracking website for scholarship beneficiaries from Myanmar.