How Arohana works

The Arohana Scholarship Fund is a fully integrated program of Thabyay Education Network. Thabyay provides a range of key services to support Arohana.

Over time, Arohana accumulates donations to the Scholarship Fund. Once sufficient funds are available, Arohana awards a scholarship for one year of study to a selected applicant on Thabyay’s waiting list. Arohana’s award may not cover the entire cost of study as the candidate may have partial funds from another scholarship program, from their own savings, or from family and friends.

The selection process

Selection of Arohana candidates is done via selection committees set up by Thabyay. Committee members can include Thabyay staff and external individuals. The committee follows strict procedures to ensure that selection is fully objective and impartial.

Arohana selects scholarship applicants on the following criteria (not in order of priority):

Obligations of scholars

All students receiving scholarship awards through Arohana are required to sign Grant Letters which require them to fulfill certain core obligations including:

What is the average cost of study?

Arohana calculates the average cost of study for one year’s study at at university in Asia to be approximately US$6,500. However, the cost varies considerably depending on the following factors: