If you would like to donate to the Arohana Scholarship Fund, you can do so via GlobalGiving or JustGiving, the grassroots philanthropy websites. The Fund is registered on, and as the project ‘University Scholarships for Students from Burma’.

Donors based in the US or internationally (except UK taxpayers) should donate through GlobalGiving’s international site (donations by US taxpayers qualify for tax relief):

UK taxpayers can donate through GlobalGiving UK or JustGiving UK. Donations are eligible for Gift Aid, meaning that 28% is added to each donation.

GlobalGiving UK:
JustGiving UK:

GlobalGiving accepts major credit cards, Paypal and cheques.
JustGiving accepts major credit cards and Paypal.

All donations are VERY welcome. Funds received will be wholly used to support scholarship awards for students from Burma, excepting an administrative fee levied by GlobalGiving/JustGiving when funds are transferred.

For donations of US$7,500 or greater, please see the information about the ‘Sponsor a Scholar’ program.

If you have any questions about donating to Arohana, please contact us.


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