Educating individuals, transforming communities.

The Arohana Scholarship Fund (Arohana) was established by Thabyay Education Network ( in 2009. Thabyay is a non-profit foundation registered in Thailand working to develop civil society in Myanmar through facilitating access to quality higher education.

Arohana provides scholarship funds to support talented and committed individuals from disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Myanmar to study at international universities in Asia. Through this support, Arohana seeks to equip these individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge and networks to promote grassroots sustainable development and the growth of civil society in their communities.

Arohana focuses on supporting students to study subjects directly relevant to immediate development needs in Myanmar. These subjects include health, education, community development, social science, environment, peace and reconciliation, media studies and law.

All Arohana scholars are expected to return to their communities after graduation.

Since 1996, Thabyay has administered scholarship funds on behalf of institutional donors for over 700 Myanmar individuals. With the establishment of Arohana, Thabyay wishes to reach out to a much wider population of small donors interested in supporting progress in Myanmar through higher education.

Prior to launching Arohana in late 2009, Thabyay operated a small grants scholarship program for three years, providing top-up funds to scholarship beneficiaries. These awards are included in the figures in the ‘Scholarship-ometer’ below. Through Arohana, Thabyay hopes to raise at least US$100,000 per year from 2010 onwards, providing full grants to up to 15 students, or partial grants for many more.


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